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Supply Chain Management



A large proportion of our turnover is spent with our suppliers. It is therefore crucial that we work with the best available suppliers and ensure that high levels of quality are maintained.

Traxsys sources components and services via an Approved Suppliers List (ASL).  


Supplier Quality / Cost and Delivery (QCD) is monitored and measured from initial design through to ongoing production. All parts are delivered to our quality targets, non conforming product is rejected and the supplier is required to complete our non conformance report. On time delivery from suppliers is also measured.


In partnership with some of our key suppliers we are working towards minimizing waste and non value added activity. Therefore components that we have repeat demand for are held in stock for us by our suppliers. This policy is beneficial for both Traxsys and our suppliers.   Benefits include faster response time, parts are in stock and deliveries are on time. An additional benefit to this process is that it frees up the time of the purchasing team to evaluate and develop our supplier base.


We uphold the highest standards of professional, ethical behavior in our dealings with all our suppliers.   We expect our suppliers to act in the same manner. 


Supplier Documents:

Quality Assurance Requirements  

Production Permit Application Form  Quality Assurance Requirements  Quality Assurance Requirements for Suppliers
Quality Assurance Requirements  First Article Inspection     

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