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The increasing use of computers by OEM equipment suppliers to the military has created a demand for specialised, rugged computer input devices which are able to withstand the rigours of operational military environments.

Traxsys Input Products designs and manufactures an extensive range of approved cursor control and data entry devices that currently support many of the world’s armed forces. Whatever the requirement, whether it be a fully immersable trackball used by ‘special forces’ to battlefield communication systems, Traxsys can provide an ideal solution.




  • Panel mounted trackballs
  • Rugged contactless high-reliability trackballs
  • Force joysticks
  • Special input devices

Defence Trackballs And Input Devices

Traxsys Input Products, 33 Oakfield Road, Penge, London, SE20 8EW, UK, Tel: 44 (0) 208 659 9090

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