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The expression “public access” indicates those applications, often outdoors, in which the general public can access and use the input devices. Typical public access applications are bank ATMs, Point of Sale (PoS) and information kiosks which all share the same need for ruggedness, endurance and water-proofing. Traxsys’ vandal-proof trackballs (either panel or fascia mounted) are particularly suited for this kind of operational environment. The ball is made either of stainless steel or plastic-coated steel and the unit guarantees static IP65 and dynamic IP54 protection. A stainless steel guard reduces accidental or deliberate damage to the ball seal and a steel plate or bar attached to the unit’s base absorbs impact shocks on the sphere. Furthermore, an internal sprung mechanism protects the encoder shafts and bearings from damage.


Defence Trackballs And Input Devices

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